How To Choose Salon Shears

Shears are the hairdresser's design tool of choice. When you have a great pair of haircutting scissors, you can craft seemingly any haircut. As a stylist, you can use your artistic talent to completely remake any of your clients, and it is your job and your duty to make sure you give your clients the exact look they're looking for. But how do you know which scissors are best for you? salon shears can cost thousands of dollars, and finding the right pair can often be complicated and confusing. As salon experts, we put together your list of how to find the best shears for you.

The beveled blades have a serrated edge and are ideal for layer cuts, tapered cuts, and the "salon shears over the comb" cuts that are popular for barbers.

For the clean, flawless or smooth looking styles, as a barber will want to look at the convex blades. They are curved and are ideal for slide cutting or cutting as as a stylist move your hands.

There are a number of different finger patterns to consider as well. If as a salon professional cut with your thumb and middle finger, you may be will want to use the opposing grip shears. They have finger patterns that are the same length and symmetrical to the center screw.

For cutting with your thumb and ring finger, as a hairdresser will want to look at the offset grips. The offset holding have a short thumb handle and a longer finger handle. They allow as a salon professional to move your hands naturally in fluid movements and are ideal for stylists who want to have a natural handle on the salon scissors.

For the most open cut, you will want to look at the crane finger patterns. They have an angled thumb and a long finger handle, allowing for less strain on the wrist and shoulder.

If a stylist looking for the greatest most useful, you will want to look for standard thumb salon shears. they have a removable and reversible finger resting attachment that can go on either the left or right side of the shear. Also, this shear can be used with both your right hand or left-hand.

The most comfortable shear grip is the cutaway grip. It doesn't have a reversible finger resting piece, so it allows your thumb to be more free and not get cramped.

For a large freedom of movement, the anatomic thumb allows your thumb to move around because it has a rounded structure, allowing your thumb to naturally curve around it. This is very similar to the flexibility offered by the cutaway thumb shear.

To reduce hand and wrist strain, you will want to look at the rotating thumb salon scissors. They are the latest advancement in the Cosmetology industry and have an open hand design, which reduces thumb "travel" and creates a much more comfortable experience for the hairdresser or barber. 

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